Happily, my short story, Mercy, is currently appearing in BoomerLit, the online journal: https://boomerlitmag.com/EV-Legters/ While you’re there, take a look at the other prose and poetry contributions: https://boomerlitmag.com/

Sadly, the prized literary journal, Glimmer Train, has released its last issue after 29 glorious years. I will forever be grateful to the editors for giving me a boost when my story, When We’re Lying, won a Family Matters Award and appeared in its pages. Few journals are as attentive and nurturing to authors as Glimmer Train has been. It will be sorely missed. Among its contributors were many of the U.S.’s top writers — Edwidge Danticat, T.C. Boyle, Mary Gaitskill, and many others. I am humbled that my name appears among them: https://www.glimmertrain.com/pages/contributors.php